THe vertue method fitness programme

The Vertue Method Fitness Programme is about cultivating your badassery. My mission is to help men and women around the world achieve their ideal body both aesthetically and functionally! Basically, I want you to become a badass with a good ass. I want you to look, but more importantly FEEL good naked and I want you to do it for life (not just for a summer holiday or wedding or ephemeral and ever-changing beauty trend).

In addition to getting you fitter, faster, potentially leaner (if that’s where your body needs to be, healthfully) and more flexible, the Vertue Method is designed to help you fill the areas that you may have been neglecting. Whether you’re a runner and you always skip stretching or you’re yoga obsessed but you can barely do 10 push ups the Vertue Method is your one-stop-shop regime that will support your body in a variety of different ways. After all, true health is about developing balance.



There are 12 workouts each comprising of a dynamic mobilising warm up, full-body weighted circuits, followed by isolated core or glute work. Videos are filmed in real time so you and I complete them TOGETHER - I am in it with you the whole way.



Your training is accompanied by a recipe book of over 30 easy but tasty recipes that will nourish your body (and tastebuds) and that you’ll have no trouble making at home. Let's get you off the take-away apps and into the kitchen! GOOD NEWS; the recipes are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and meat-eaters.



Mobility and flexibility are an important part of the Vertue Method because they effect movement quality - to develop a beautiful shape, you need to move in the right way. There is one 34 minute yoga sequence that has been designed to address the areas that will get particularly tight over the 12 weeks, while also helping to calm the nervous system so that you recover quickly.


What does the Vertue Method Programme consist of?

2 x Weekly Workouts (each to be completely twice, so four workouts per week)

1 x 34 minute dynamic Yoga sequence

1 x a brisk outdoor nature walk as some healthy steady state cardio.


The workouts change every fortnight so you’ll only just have time to adapt and adjust to the moves without feeling bored or unchallenged.


The Vertue Method Fitness Programme videos are in real time which means you and I get sweaty together. The benefits of this are:

  • You don’t have to count repetitions or sets which can be confusing to keep up with, and also make it easier to cheat and/or give up. I keep track of the timings and sets so you don’t have to.

  • WE MOVE AS ONE and this is way more fun than having to workout alone. I am with you every step, squat, lunge and glute bridge of the way. This should keep your temptation to stop or give up at bay.

  • I will keep you in line with important cues on form and correct execution as they happen. This will not only help you to achieve the most from the workouts, working the right areas, but it will also keep your body much safer!


What about the food?

EASY EATS - my recipe ebook is filled with over 30 recipes, designed to both nourish and inspire you to get into the kitchen and cook for yourself; igniting a passion for easy, simple and delicious culinary delights.

90% of the recipes are vegan with some being vegetarian and others containing meat. If you are pescatarian or consume meat, don’t worry - I explain how to add meat to the recipes and provide ways in which to cook and prepare it, along with some tasty marinades.

Whether you like tofu or turkey - I got you covered.


How Much is the Programme?


Price: GBP 39.99 / EUR 44.85 / USD 52.50