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It all started when…

Shona Vertue was enrolled into an elite gymnastics programme in Sydney, Australia. Little did she know at the time, her rigorous, extensive and elaborate gymnastics training would later help to shape the well-known Method that is now practiced in over 64 Countries around the world - the Vertue Method.

Shona is an Australian badass with a good ass - she is known for her ability to transform and strengthen any pair of gluteals.  She strongly believes that a fit pair of perky glutes, whether you're male of female is paramount for a healthy and optimally functioning body.

With over ten years experience as as a personal trainer and yoga teacher, Shona shares her extensive experience and knowledge across various platforms; she is also an author, blogger and YouTuber and is the face of fitness for Waitrose. 

Having spent her formative years in Sydney training as an elite gymnast and classical dancer Shona discovered Yoga as a young adult in a bid to heal old injuries and unearthed a life long passion. Her decision to become a health professional saw her train with internationally acclaimed teachers in Strength and Conditioning and learn an in-depth Yoga and Meditation practice.

Shonas wellness philosophy around training is to acquire skills rather than focusing on the aesthetic side of fitness (aka. the six pack). This means that she helps people focus on the joy, fun and empowerment of fitness, encouraging people not to lose the element of play we have as children.

Shona skateboards, surfs, back flips and can scramble up a rope at a rate of knots in eternal preparation for the zombie apocalypse. In addition to all this activity, she also posits that mediation and recovery are the most underrated aspects of fat loss and fitness - and that people in busy cities are often hindered from true health due to their lack of dedication to scheduled, conscious R&R.

In 2014 Shona moved from Australia to England, where she has helped the overstressed of London keep fit ever since. Shona brought her unique blend of expertise fully together when she started to teach the Vertue Method - a combination of yoga, weighted resistance training and meditation promising to uplift both your soul and your butt. Her series of Vertue Method workout videos, to practice at home, have been purchased in 64 countries and her fans include her 282k Instagram followers and celebrities alike with David Beckham quoted as saying that working with her “had made his aches and pains after playing disappear”. 

Shona's debut book The Vertue Method educates people on how to become stronger, improve posture, increase mobility and sculpt a beautiful and athletic body and shot straight to number one on the Amazon charts on publication in 2017.  

In the past year Shona teamed up with BBC Worldwide to film a fitness DVD with Love Island’s Chris and Kem, was one of a squad of star personal trainers on MTV’s fitness transformation show, Beach Body Ready and is the Waitrose Weekly Fitness Columnist.