The Vertue Method Fitness Programme is about cultivating your badassery. My mission is to help men and women around the world achieve their ideal body both aesthetically and functionally! Basically, I want you to become a badass with a good ass. I want you to look, but more importantly FEEL good naked and I want you to do it for life (not just for a summer holiday or wedding or ephemeral and ever-changing beauty trend).

In addition to getting you fitter, faster, potentially leaner (if that’s where your body needs to be, healthfully) and more flexible, the Vertue Method is designed to help you fill the areas that you may have been neglecting. Whether you’re a runner and you always skip stretching or you’re yoga obsessed but you can barely do 10 push ups the Vertue Method is your one-stop-shop regime that will support your body in a variety of different ways. After all, true health is about developing balance.

When you make a one-time purchase the Vertue Method 12 Week Fitness programme you’ll have access to the following:

  • Lifetime access to the 12-week video programme that consists of 12 real time workout videos (where you and I get sweaty together at the same time).
  • One 30-minute, dynamic yoga real-time yoga video that has been designed in alignment with the fitness workouts to help you release specifically tighter areas, de-stress and unwind from a tough workout week.
  • EASY EATS - my recipe ebook filled with over 30 recipes, designed to both nourish and inspire you to get back into the kitchen; igniting a passion for easy, simple and delicious culinary delights.
  • FACT Sheet that covers all the necessary information to help you get through this programme (and beyond). You will learn;
    • How to use the programme and recipe booklet
    • How to choose the right kettlebell weight for you
    • When to increase your weight
    • How to schedule your workouts
    • Where to purchase equipment

Price: £39.99