Vertue Method Mobility Programme FAQ

Q: What is the Vertue Method Mobility Programme?

A: If you practice the Vertue Method 12 Week fitness programme you’ll know that the method itself was born out of my experience as a yoga teacher, personal trainer, gymnast and lover of perky and strong glutes. I developed this method over the course of 10 years of training clients as a PT and teaching yoga classes with the intention to help busy people become both fit, flexible AND functional. By functional I mean capable of performing to their body’s best ability so they can get the most from life as a human being.

The mobility programme therefore reflects these same principles; essentially to ensure that we increase flexibility without the compromise of strength. By combining various mobility techniques from simple Joint Articulation to more complex dynamic gymnastics flexibility drills, we will not only increase your flexibility but improve your neurological ability to control that increased range of motion.

This mobility programme is targeted at all types of bodies, at varying levels of flexibility. In fact whether you haven’t touched your toes in 20 years or are the resident contortionist in the traveling circus this programme will benefit your body and more specifically the health of your musculoskeletal system.

Q: What are some of the benefits of Mobility?

A: A big part of being able to move freely and functionally requires a certain level of range (or flexibility) and stability throughout our joints. This can be defined as ‘mobility’.

Restrictions to our mobility not only cause restrictions to our movement patterns, but also compromise our joint and eventually physical health. 

With improved mobility comes greater range of motion in your movement patterns and ultimately our ability to exercise and remain physical, optimising our results. 

Q: What makes the Vertue Method Mobility Programme different to other Flexibility Programmes?

A: The Vertue Method approach has always been eclectic and diverse, drawing on effective techniques from dynamic gymnastics and yoga sequences to weighted mobility techniques used by some of the best sports rehabilitation specialists around the world. 

The Vertue Method mobility programme videos are in real time which means you and I get stretchy together. The benefits of this are:

  1. You don’t have to re-watch how-to videos over and over which can disrupt the flow of the practice. From the moment you hit play, we get stretchy together in real time.
  1. WE MOVE AS ONE because it’s face it, mobility practice can be boring at the best of times. Doing it together is much more fun.
  2. I will keep you in line with important cues on form and correct execution as they happen. This will not only help you to achieve the most from the videos, working the right areas, but it will also keep your body much safer!

Q: What does the workout schedule look like?

A: The programme consists of one 10 minute daily routine, and two weekly workouts, one focusing on hip mobility, the other on the shoulders and upper spine.

The sequences change every month to push the body to adapt (progressive overload).

Q: How long are the workouts?

A: The videos range from 10 - 30 minutes depending on the sequence. 

Q: How long will it take to see results?

A: This really depends on you, your body and your ability to remain consistent.

It also depends on what you define as ‘results’.

Mobility doesn’t always adapt at the same rate and it’s important to honour pre-existing contraindications and limitations. 

If this is you - PLEASE don’t worry! REMEMBER - we are in this for the long haul - if you have spent months or years avoiding mobility practices and have instead been living a sedentary or ‘party-hardy’ lifestyle you cannot (I repeat CANNOT) expect your body to turn around in a few weeks.

Give your body the time, consistency and respect it deserves for keeping you alive for so long.

Q: What’s included when I buy the programme?

A: When you make a one-time purchase the Vertue Method Mobility programme you’ll have access to the following:

  • Access to the 12-week video programme that contains 7 real-time mobility videos which consist of;
    • 1 x Daily mobility routine 
    • 3 x Hip Sequence
    • 3 x Upper Body sequence
  • FACT Sheet that covers all the necessary information to help you get through this programme (and beyond). You will learn;
    • How to use the programme
    • How and when to increase the difficulty
    • How to schedule your mobility
    • Where to purchase equipment