The Vertue Method Mobility Programme will help you achieve the goals you want in the gym, move more easily and "future proof" your body, protecting it against ageing, wear and tear and injury and also make you a nicer person (I can’t promise the last one, lots of mean people can do the splits).

So what is mobility?

The words 'flexibility' and 'mobility' - while often used interchangeably - are not the same things. Flexibility refers to your ability to passively stretch a muscle or group of muscles through a range of motion (think lying down, having someone else stretch your hamstring for you), whereas mobility refers to the strength to hold this flexibility with control and at optimal levels, produce force too (think kicking someone in the head with power).

Mobility and Flexibility underpin everything else that you can train for (aerobic capacity, strength, power, speed) because it essentially refers to our ability to move.

I don't know how to make this sound much sexier but the truth is that getting stiffer and achier (losing mobility) is only a natural consequence of ageing if you let it be. Mobility training is an important and long term investment in your body.

This programme requires you to make this investment for 10-30 minutes per day and it will prepare your body to handle the many things you ask of it. You can do this as a stand-alone programme with whatever other training you do, or before the Vertue Method in the morning or as an evening practise before you sleep.

When you make a one-time purchase the Vertue Method Mobility programme you’ll have access to the following:

  • Access to the 12-week video programme that contains 7 real-time mobility videos which consist of:
    • 1 x Daily mobility routine 
    • 3 x Hip Sequence
    • 3 x Upper Body sequence
  • FACT Sheet that covers all the necessary information to help you get through this programme (and beyond). You will learn:
    • How to use the programme
    • How and when to increase the difficulty
    • How to schedule your mobility
    • Where to purchase equipment

Price: £24.99