The Vertue Method

Uplift both your soul and your butt through a fusion of Kettle Bell circuit training, Yoga and Meditation

My Musings on Strength Training:

I train to have strength, maintain agility… oh and have fun! I strongly feel that when health goals are based only on things such as body weight or having a six-pack our self-esteem will be at the mercy of the number on the scales (which we all know will fluctuate based on partners, jobs, delicious late night kebabs, and menstrual cycles for women). My years as a gymnast and dancer and then later, briefly, as a body builder meant that I was constantly struggling with insecurities about myself physically and spent far too much time looking in the mirror - which was incredibly boring. 

If we work towards goals related to accomplishing a feat of strength or a skill – such as completing a chin up, a handstand or even a full push-up – the rewards are tied to achievement which can’t be taken away if you decide to have that second bit of birthday cake or piece of pizza (I love both). We are rewarded, as we get closer to achieving our goals and motivation to train will become more consistent and not just a seasonal flurry. 

My Musings on Yoga:

Yoga is more than just a physical practice – it is a medicine, a way of life and a method for deepening awareness to the point of physical liberation and enlightenment. When I began doing Yoga it was simply a physical practice, a wonderful stretch class with a weird 5-minute sleeping session at the end (now known to me as Savasana - one of my favourite postures). However, after just a few months of consistent practice I was witnessing incredible benefits throughout all aspects of my body and life. Yoga requires no equipment and can give you the independence to move your body in a healthy way, wherever you are. 

The Vertue Method:

The Vertue Method incorporates my experience as a yoga teacher, gymnast and personal trainer resulting into a workout that is healthy, holistic and seriously badass.

The Vertue Method is a fusion of yoga, gymnastics, weighted circuit training and meditation, designed to uplift both your soul and your butt. It begins with a signature warm up comprising of full body movements to mobilise joints as well as a sequence of serious glute activation exercises to prepare the correct muscles to fire. This is followed by a series of compound exercises, using kettle bells and resistance bands, in timed circuits; all carefully chosen to create a strong and lean body.

The session includes yoga sequences and ends with a soothing savasana meditation to further stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, aiding in recovery.

My intention behind creating the Vertue Method was to accommodate for those that either neglect their flexibility practice or their weight training – it is for everyone!