Welcome to Club Vertue

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If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together.

-African Proverb

Join myself and other members of badass Vertue Crew for monthly Vertue Club talks at the Exclusive members club, Chess Club in Mayfair, London.

My intention for these talks is to get right to the most helpful advice on subjects that cover all things fitness and health, providing you with applicable and practical tips, hacks and tricks that I have gathered in over 10 years experience as a yoga teacher, personal trainer and general wellness enthusiast.

I want to bring like minded, health conscious (but not obsessed) people together to discuss important but often neglected subjects when on a fitness journey, and really there's no better way to do that than sitting in a cosy and comfortable members club, delicious mocktail in hand.

The evening begins with a talk on a particular subject and is followed by a Q&A - I will answer your most plagued and taboo questions around achieving the body you want, in the most efficient and healthy way. 

Upcoming topics include:

  • Meditation, the most underrated aspect of fat loss
  • How to make friends with Cortisol
  • How to create your own workout - the basics of workout programming.
  • Pre & Post Workout Nutrition 101
  • The 411 on Supplements (Sifting through the shiz to get what your body needs)

So that it remains intimate, tickets are limited to 20 people. They are only available through my newsletter so make sure you're signed up below. I can't wait to meet you.