Vertue Method For Life FAQ

Q: I’m injured/ill - Can I still do the Vertue Method For Life?

A: At the bottom of the FACT Sheet I ask you to fill out a PAR-Q Form which is a questionnaire about your current state of health. It will help you to determine whether you should speak to a doctor before embarking on the plan. If you are injured I do not recommend you take on these workouts unless you have the all-clear from your physician to do so.

In saying that, sometimes the injury is on the mend and actually requires further strength training and/or mobility in order to heal properly. In this case, again ask your physician to provide you with specific moves that you can and can’t do and modify throughout the workout.

Q: I’m a complete beginner to working out. Are the Vertue Method For Life workouts suitable for me?

A: Yep! The Vertue Method for Life workout series is a mixed level programme that has got your back if you are a beginner (and also offers modifications if you are more advanced).

The movements included in the Vertue Method for Life focus predominantly on KEY compound movement patterns, this means that they are essential to a healthy functioning human body.

Beginners WILL find it challenging (but that is the point). The beauty of having a video programme is that YOU CAN PUSH PAUSE, AND/OR REWIND.

Q: What equipment do I need access to?

A: All the equipment has been laid out in the FACT Sheet, along with where to find it.

All you will need is the following:

1 x Pair Dumbells (see the FACT sheet on how to choose the right weight for you)

1 x resistance band (see the FACT sheet on how to choose the right weight for you)

1 x Sturdy Chair

1 x Fitness or Yoga Mat

This equipment is easy to store even in the smallest of spaces and the workout itself only takes up the space of a yoga mat.

Q: Can I do it from home or doI need access to a gym?

A: The workout videos are all based on training at home and only require the small amount of equipment, mentioned above.

Q: Will the Vertue Method Fitness for Life workout series help me to lose weight?

A: The Vertue Method for Life workout series does not have a focus on weight loss. Weight loss and body composition is dictated mostly through energy balance, and more specifically, your caloric intake and energy expenditure throughout the week. This workout series is designed to help you get your recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week (along with an encouragement for you to do daily walks if possible).

The main goal of the Vertue Method for Life workout series is to help you to include a regular fitness practice in your weekly routine and maintain a body that can support you to behave as young as you feel on the inside.

Q: Will the Vertue Method for Life make me stronger?

A: Absolutely! It’s one of the most important principles of the plan. However more than just straight strength, you will develop strength with a deeper range of movement which is much more beneficial for the human body, helping it to remain as youthful and care-free as possible.

Q: Will the Vertue Method for Life make me more flexible?

A: It will make you better than flexible, it will make you mobile. The major difference between flexibility and mobility is that flexibility only refers to your passive range of movements - for example being able to sit and reach for your toes. Mobility refers to your ability to truly use that range in a dynamic way; e.g. sitting deeply in a squat. Mobility is much more healthy and functional for the body and will prevent you from developing those injuries that can occur from having too much flexibility or too much strength.

Q: What if I can’t keep up with all the moves?

A: Don’t worry at all! Just hit the pause button or watch and practice the initial moves a few times before getting into the workout.

No matter how uncoordinated you feel initially, your body will adapt and often faster than you think. Even if you are one of those people with ‘two left feet’ you will get better. This only highlights how important it is for you to stick with it.

Q: It’s too challenging for me right now - how can I make it easier?

A: Drop the weights and just perform the workouts with your bodyweight.

Also keep an eye on my mum Janice who will be performing the easier variations of all the exercises and again, use that pause button whenever you need it to catch your breath and have a rest.

Q: Can I do other forms of training while on the programme?

A: The short answer is “YES”! I have always wanted the Vertue Method for Life to make you better at whatever other movement you love doing. However it’s important that you honour your body and remember that this as a stand alone series can be quite intense.

If you like to perform intense exercise like tennis or cycling three times per week I recommend that you only complete one of each workout a week (rather than twice per week).

All the schedule suggestions can be found within the FACT sheet and they are based on varying levels of fitness.

Q: Can I take these videos on holiday?

A: Absolutely! You will need to have internet connection to stream the videos to your laptop or smartphone but the workouts themselves can be performed anywhere as long as you have access to a yoga mat and sturdy chair. Obviously it’s ideal to have weights with the workout, but if you don’t have any, you will still get a good sweat on without them. Just try to up the repetitions you perform to compensate for the lack of weights. 

Q: I’m buying this for my mum/dad/family member - how will I know if it’s suitable?

A: First and foremost they should have the all clear from their doctors before undertaking any new workout/exercise regime. However if it has been recommended that they begin exercising, this programme is an awesome way to get them not just exercising, but moving better.

Q: I’m over 55 but I’m fitter than most 30 year olds - should I still do this programme?

A: GREAT NEWS! I would still begin with this workout series and if you feel as though you want something more challenging (and your doctor and body allows it) give the Vertue Method 12 week fitness programme a go. However, you should always begin with this series as a pre-requisite.

Q: Is there anything else I should know?

A: Yes, it’s really important that you honour the messages you get from your body. If you feel any pain at all I can’t stress enough, the importance of speaking to your physician.

If you feel as though you need longer before introducing more workout sessions, please take that time. My advice for everyone, regardless of your current level, is that you take things slow, after all, it’s called Vertue Method for LIFE, and we have plenty of time for you to improve.


Q: How long will I have access to the programme for?

A: There is no time limit; once you buy the Vertue Method, you’ll have it for good so you can always go back and repeat the workouts or even the programme

Q: How do I buy the programme?

A: You can purchase the Vertue Method here on my website and will come back to this website when you want to watch the videos. Payment is accepted via bank card, PayPal.

Q: How do I access the programme?

A: Once you’ve bought the Vertue Method programme you’ll be able to stream them through this website anytime.

Q: Can I buy it in my country?

A: The programme is available in any country, using any currency.

Q: Is this a subscription or a one-time payment?

A: It’s a one-time payment. Once you buy the Vertue Method fitness programme you won’t be charged again at any point and you’ll have it for good.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Regular card purchases (credit or debit), like for other online stores as well as PayPal.


Q: My purchase keeps being blocked. Why is that happening?

A: Your bank will be blocking the payment as it doesn’t recognise as a website that you have made a purchase from in the past. All you have to do is get in touch with them and confirm that you are making a purchase with this website.

There are no refunds or exchanges on physical products. This is due to the product being a limited release where all sales are final, as stated on the site.

Refunds can only be given in the following circumstances:

As the items fall under £42 it falls under the exceptions rule.