Home Gym Workout

As promised - here is a workout to fit your new home gym equipment.

I haven't put in an adequate warm up - I personally use yoga sun salutations and some body weight squats as a way to warm up. If you want to workout with me, try my Vertue Method videos here - we can sweat it out together.

First and foremost you're going to use the foam roller to massage out tension in the hips, legs and middle back:

Then we need to activate your bootay and hamstrings (because if we spend most of our days sitting on it, we need to teach it to switch on before we train).

1. The Single Leg Glute Bridge repeat 10 reps on each leg. Make sure you drive through the heel and lift those hips high. If you feel it in your quad, move the heel further away from your glutes.

2. Crab Walks - repeat 10 reps each way.  for this you will use your resistance band. Loop it up and place it around the legs, just above the knees.

3. Banded Deadlift/Hip Hinge: 20 repetitions - this is a tricky one as you really need to keep the spine straight. It will be tempting to round the spine, but that will have your lower back do the work, rather than your glutes. Drive the hips forward at the top of the movement, giving them a little squeeze.

The Workout:

A1. Kettle Bell Sumo Squat x 20 repetitions

A2. Single Arm Kettle Bell Press x 10 repetitions on each side

A3. Staggered Kettle Bell Romanian Deadlift x 12 repetitions on each side

A4. Power Bar Pull Ups x 8-10 repetitions (if you can't do pull ups, loop your band around the bar - I will post a tutorial on my instagram for how to do these).

Repeat this circuit 5 times with no rest between sets or exercises.


The Abs & Butt Finisher:

B1. Bent Knee Toes to Bar x 10 repetitions

B2. Frog Pumps x 20 repetitions

B3. Oblique V-Ups x 20 repetitions each side

The Chills: Don't forget to always bring the nervous system back to a calm state post workout.

Take 10 breaths in childs pose and 10 breaths in a seated meditation pose.


Happy Training! Let me know how you go!!!

Newbury Leggings and Seamless Sports bra from New Balance store in Oxford Circus. So comfy!

***As always, consult a doctor before attempting an exercise regime.***

Big phat yogi love.

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