Recipe - My favourite way to eat greens

Not only can greens make you lean, but they also taste delicious, at least the way I do them ;)

With a short stint in body building I became very into greens and in particular, broccolini - sadly it wasn't because of Broccolinis health benefits, including large amounts of potassium, vitamin C, K, Calcium and glucoraphanin (which with the body processes into the anti-cancer compound sulforaphane), instead, it was because of what these vitamins and minerals would to to balance hormones (in particular oestrogen regulating) ultimately helping to make my legs leaner.  :-/

Yes, shamefully, my motivation for eating greens was purely aesthetic, rather than for health and happiness.

On the plus side, eating two gigantic tubs of boiled broccoli everyday can really inspire you to find a way to enjoy it, because plain boiled Broccoli is not enjoyable and actually kind of stinks. So with the help of the incredible culinary skills of Richard Norton from @thestrengthtemple, I bring to you a delicious and easy way to consume greens. 

This recipe is also an amazing snack recipe. Rather than munching down on expensive 'organic health snacks', which are really just cleverly marketed desserts with superfoods like Cacao and insulin spiking Dates, you can learn to LOVE simple greens in between meals or with your serving of protein.

I’m all about speed and convenience, I used to have time for slow roasting and activating, but now, my London life means that, 'Ain’t no body got time for dat.'

Here it is - and yes, it tastes better with no pants on.

What you’ll need:

1 x bunch of Broccolini (preferably organic from a farmers market, we consume enough chemicals walking through the streets, we don’t need it on our food as well)

1 - 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil (Cold pressed please, so that it still has nutrients and enzymes in tact)

Pinch of Himalayan Rock or Sea Salt (There are no exceptions here, table salt is a big no-no)



1. Steam the Broccolini for 3-4 minutes - You really don't want to overcook iy. Keep an eye on them, you want them to turn bright green, rather than soggy and yellow.

2. Plate your bright green, slightly undercooked, crunchy Broccolini and throw the oil and salt all over those puppies.

3. Consume, chew and eat slowly. It’s very moorish and if it’s not, add a teeny bit more Olive Oil or Salt (neither of those things will kill you, and they are certainly not bad for you).

You can also pack the Broccolini into some tupperware bringing it to work. If they're slightly undercooked as they should be, they won't stink the entire office out when you open them up. 

Happy Eating!


Miss Vertue


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