F Zeen Paradise

Last weekend I had the privilege of experiencing the beautiful, luxurious and family run resort (or should I say retreat) F Zeen. The intention was to recce the space for a retreat I will be hosting in September. 

It was just a 3.5 hour plane trip from London and a quick transfer from Kefalonia straight to the resort. In a seamless transition I was delivered from the industrious frenzy that is London to the harmonious and almost taoist way of Kefalonian country culture. The effects of that peaceful lifestyle are immediate and London stress feels far away almost instantly.

The resort is owned by Dennis (father), Suzanne (Mother), Ivan (Son) and Tasia (Daughter) - upon meeting them they immediately make me feel a part of the extended family, I’m not the only one, they know all their guests and make sure they are made to feel personally welcomed. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some beautiful resorts in my time, but you just can’t buy the authentic love that comes from a family run business.

Ivan and Tasia have made it their mission to make F Zeen not just a luxurious resort but also a health destination. They have designed the most beautiful gym and yoga deck all under cover, over looking the blue and turquoise Sea - a mesmerising and invigorating view.

The outdoor gym has the perfect ratio of equipment to training space (and I'm talking proper weights). The Yoga Decking fits around 25 people so when practicing alone or in a small group it's breezy and spacious.


The vegetables and herbs used in the restaurant are grown on site, Suzanne makes the Olive Oil from the forrest of Olive Trees that inhabit the island. It’s a farm to table concept that I am in love with.

Every morning I would have breakfast, knowing that the produce had not travelled miles, frozen in a food van only to be defrosted in a microwave and thrown onto my plate. Growing up with my mothers cook-everything-from-scratch Fiji island mentality, that kind of detail is so important to me on a health retreat. 

Funnily enough, I’m writing this from a noisy, over crowded café in London. The coffee is burnt, the flapjacks are heavily coated in a creamy, white substance that is supposed to resemble yoghurt and I’ve just ordered a salad that looks like one of those plastic, glossy dioramas that sushi restaurants use to display the meals on their menu… The tomato is red, but it tastes like grey.

All meals were prepared with love, consumed with an unobstructed view of the sea and tasted like they had come from the Land of Oz - full of natural flavour and most definitely blessed by Glinda the good witch (Wizard of Oz fans out there will understand).

Behind the hotel is a mountain (that I am yet to climb, but I will), the hotel is also connected with a small tour company that can organise sea kayaking and other water sports. It's such an invigoratingly active place and even though you are welcome to relax poolside, you actually WANT to be active.

I honestly can’t wait to host a retreat here in September. We’re looking at dates around the 14th - so save the date! Details to come.


Big love,


Shona VertueComment