Vertue Recipes: Post Workout Granola Bowl

I have decided to start sharing more recipes. The question of how and what I eat comes up for me on almost an hourly basis, whether it's through my social media channels or simply an email.

One of the reasons I don't share my food is because it's a personal thing. What works for me, may not work for you. I don't want you to eat according to my diet, because I haven't grown since I was in year 6. I think my growth was stunted during gymnastics, Dad says that hypothesis is ridiculous and I just need to accept that I'm short. Either way, I'm still waiting for all those crusts I ate when I was little to kick in (or wait, is that just supposed to make your hair curly?).

The second reason I don't share many recipes is that, I'm just not much of a fancy cook. I see the food I cook as fuel, so I don't tend to flavour it with amazon berries and unicorn juice. I have just never had the time for that. When I do have the time, I leave it to the professionals and I eat out. As a treat. 

In an era of foodie blogs, I have felt as though my recipes just can't compete with the likes of 24 hour soaked almond mylks and matcha infused rainbow smoothie bowls. But what I have come to realise is that the key to consistent health eating is a fusion of both deliciousness AND convenience - that's where I can come in. 

I promise that my recipes taste good, but most of all, they are convienient. Oh, and healthy.

I'll also always give you an approximate macro breakdown so that you know the ratio of Macro Nutrients within the recipe. I'll blog about why this is important at a later date.

Without further ado;

Post Workout Granola:
I created this purely because I'm getting bored of smoothies. Not forever, but just for now. Some time you just want to chew.

My post workout shake consists of this usual Macro Breakdown :

30g Protein
30g Carbohydrates
13g Fat (The fat content will vary depending on the toppings and the Mylk used. I try to keep it as low as possible. I do this not because I'm anti-fat, but becauseI prefer to eat fat at other meals. I'm an islander, so I cook very generously with coconut oil, ghee and butter).

So the Post Workout Granola Bowl (PWGB if you're really cool) holds a very similar macro breakdown. 

30g Protein (I use either Pulsin Vegan protein or Reflex Micro Whey (made from happy cows).
50g Lizi's Low Sugar Granola
1 teaspoon pumpkin seeds
1 teaspoon cinnamon
80-100mls Oat Mylk (or when I've run out, just water. It's still delicious).

Mix dry ingredients together so that it blends well (except for the seeds and cinnamon, they go on top).

Add Mylk or water.


Yes, that's it. Definitely not Michelin star, but it tastes amazing and doesn't require a steady hand (which is impossible after a VERTUE method workout!)

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