Bring a friend... A good one

I’m going to require a little audience participation here, or at least, just some involvement with your imagination - it won’t take long. Stay with me to the end.

Imagine you were about to embark on a 12 week holiday. 12 weeks is a long time, and it will probably be more like a journey.

You’re excited. Journeys bring about change, they are change in fact. There is much anticipation for the outcome and for the journey itself.

The only problem is that you’ve got this friend coming a long. He’s going through a bit of a tough time at the moment, you love him dearly but he just won’t stop talking about it. He’s coming on the 12 week trip as well and you know that he will insist on talking about his problems the whole trip. Because he is a little down at the moment he focuses on every negative aspect experienced throughout the journey. Every day, relentless negative discussion.

You’re kind of shitty right? 12 weeks of that? It’s your holiday, how dare he. It’s your journey too, why shouldn’t you have the chance to experience something wonderful?

Let’s use that same scenario, with one minor change. The negative nelly friend is replaced with someone positive. They are keen and excited for the journey - they are fully connected to each moment as though they were riding fast down the highway in a vintage Ferrari 250, roof off, good tunes on (I mean the dream…). They choose to experience joy, or search for lessons. They are grateful for every experience. They know they will come to their destination at some point. They refuse to see how far they have to go and only focus on the rejoice of how far they have come.

Um, yes please! Who are they and what’s their instagram?

Seriously though, who would you rather take with you on that 12 week journey?

You know the answer.

Oh and don’t get all mother Teresa on me saying ‘but maybe I can help the negative nelly…’ In this story you can’t and he’s going to feel that way regardless.

The point of this story is to highlight often where we go wrong when we try to diet or ‘lose weight’. 

We embark on a journey that will take a bit of time and we bring our neg-head friend with us. We bring the inner critic that is judging our progress every step of the way, but he/she judges from the perspective of how far you’ve still got to go. He/She reinforces, every time you step into the shower, the fat that is STILL on you’re tummy, or thighs, or back. He/She makes food the enemy, promotes guilt and makes you feel shameful of any choice you make be it healthy or not.

Where as we really should bring our positive, inquisitive, Christopher Columbus like friend that is excited for the journey. He/She focuses on how close you now are to achieving that push up and thinks upon how strong you’re feeling in your body. How much you’re learning about food and how it can nourish you. He/She focuses on how far you have come already since you began. He/She thinks you are an amazing traveller, and that you are doing so incredibly well.

You can see what I’m getting at right?

That annoying voice inside your head, that is constantly criticising you or your food or your workout - is not necessary. It just isn’t. 

Positive focus is just as important as the calories you are or aren’t having. 

As they say, time flies when you’re having fun - so leave that dull friend at the bus stop and you’ll be less likely to cut your journey short and you’ll get to your goals much more enjoyably.

Happy training.

Stay hydrated.


Miss Vertue.