Vertue Method Workouts - OUT NOW

I am absolutely, positively, excruciatingly excited about sharing these videos with you.

These 4 videos have been inspired by the London Vertue Method class that had sold out months in advance. Now you can have access to these sweat inducing and booty burning work outs any time of the day or week.

The Vertue Method incorporates my experience as a yoga teacher, gymnast and personal trainer resulting into a workout that is healthy, holistic and seriously badass.

The Vertue Method is a fusion of yoga, weighted circuit training and meditation, designed to uplift both your soul and your butt. My intention behind creating the Vertue Method workouts was to accommodate for those that either neglect their mobility work, weight training or glute activating – it is for everyone!

All the details are on the Vimeo On Demand website so get clicking and keep me on your phone or laptop.

You literally have no more excuses to skip your fitness or yoga workouts while on holidays.

Let's get sweaty and serene.

Happy Training.



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