Not another Protein Pancake recipe...

Here's the thing. I don't really cook fancy things. I really wish I could because it just seems like such an awesome skill. I wish I could open the cupboard see a bag of prunes, some turmeric and a sweet potato and just whip up a work of art to impress Heston Blumenthal himself would be so liberating. Alas, I think that's just going to have to remain a dream for me this life time. It's certainly not my 'path' right now. 

For now, I'm all about nutritious, delicious and above all easy recipes that satisfy my muscles and my tastebuds at the same time. 

This protein pancake recipe is one of them.

I hope you find it as easy as I do. 


100ml Egg White

30g Protein Powder (your choice, I prefer protein powders that contain as little ingredients as possible - if Vegan I love Pulsin, if using Whey, I love Reflex Micro Whey as it’s from grass fed cows)

1 Banana

25g Oats

1 x tbs Coconut Oil or Butter


1 x scoop nut butter

1 x handful of berries

1 x tbs of yoghurt


  1. Place Egg whites, oats, protein and banana into a nutribullet or similar contraption and blend until smooth in consistency.
  2. Heat pan using a small ration of your butter or coconut oil. Do not put the whole thing into the pan or the first pancake will absorb all the oil - I mean, that’s just not fair on the others.
  3. Pour a little of the mix into the heated pan. Now how big your pancakes are is really your prerogative. I personally go for about a two second controlled pour, I probably should tell you how many teaspoons or cups that is, but to be honest I have no idea. All my cooking revolves around simplicity and speed. I don’t want to spend the night washing up cups and spoons, so I guesstimate. Do whatever you please, you are a free, pancake loving spirit. 
  4. Allow the pancake mix to cook, only flipping it when bubbles begin to appear on the surface of the pancake.
  5. Once flipped it will rise, press them down gently with the back of your spatular. Or don’t, and just have really thick, weird looking pancakes.
  6. Coat with either coconut yoghurt, cottage cheese or full fat yoghurt and sprinkle with berries.
  7. Enjoy. Like seriously savour every bite.

Approximate Macros without toppings:

45g Protein

43g Carbs

14g Fat 

Happy Eating.

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