Feeling unmotivated? Try these 3 practices to improve your motivation


Feeling Unmotivated?

Try these 3 practices to improve your motivation.

Feeling unmotivated? Here are 3 methods to improve those motivational levels - oh and they don’t involve retreats, detox diets or bootcamps:

INCREASE YOUR KNOWLEDGE - I always, always say that Education is the best motivation. If you understand why you’re doing something, you’re more likely to do it. When I tell my clients that I need them to wake up every day and meditate they roll their eyes at me and say ‘I don’t have time for that stuff.’ However when I show them the studies that highlight the mechanisms through which meditation can improve brain function and reduce anxiety and depression - THEY ARE ALL ABOUT IT! If knowledge is power, then SELF-KNOWLEDGE IS SELF-EMPOWERMENT. Power will motivate you, much more than gazing at celebs in bikinis will. TRUST ME.

REMEMBER THE S.A.I.D. PRINCIPLE - The SAID Principle stands for specific adaptation to Imposed Demands, which basically means your body will make you better at doing, whatever you consistently ‘impose’ upon it. If you were to count out the hours you spent sitting in chairs or slouching over laptops or smartphones per day - would it balance out with the amount of time you spent fully, completely and healthfully moving your body? In this day and age, chances are NO - this is why I encourage you to exercise everyday - because unless you are an athlete that is TRAINING 5-6 hours per day, you probably aren’t doing that much - and you probably aren’t doing what it takes to negate the time spent sedentary. It doesn’t have to be hardcore exercise, but it does have to be a consistent and specific imposed demand on your body to yield any kind of adaptation (result). I like to have my clients set alarms in their phones to go off every 45 minutes with a reminder to walk, hydrate and (if they can - discreetly sneak off into a meeting room to squat, lunge and take some deep breaths).

ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR WORTHINESS - Look I know this is a little cliché and probably makes you want to reply with the eye-roll emoji but hear me out. I don’t believe in laziness - I believe people only exude lazy behaviours when there is a lack of self-belief or self-worth. Improving your sense of worthiness can often sort out all your motivational issues (or lack thereof) without you needing to invest in drastic diet regimes or bootcamps (actually you never need to invest in those). 

I think Self-Worthiness and Acceptance and Belief is a very, very complex topic tracing back to our childhood, so I’m not going to attempt to address it in a dot point - however if you’re really, really, really, really struggling with motivation to exercise then it might also be worthwhile chatting to a psychologist who may be able to tap into the areas that are making you feel deflated. 

Disclaimer: There is too much taboo around the idea of going to speak to a councillor or psychologist. People don’t ever flinch at the idea of speaking to personal trainers or dieticians for help with their bodies - however for some reason a shame has developed around getting help with your mind. Drop the shame and speak to a professional. I do it ALL THE TIME.

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