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The probiotic that I take and why.

I get a lot of questions about the Symprove probiotic drink I take every morning - more specifically, y’all ask me what it is, how it works and how it’s helped me.

I have always been fascinated with gut health and it’s affect on my skin (and digestive comfort/discomfort). My face is very quick to highlight when something in my diet/lifestyle isn’t working optimally.


It’s probably one of the reasons I don’t drink loads of alcohol, as I find it shows up on my face the following week (and there is research to highlight the fact that EXCESSIVE alcohol consumption does disrupt gut health - y’all can read it here in the Journal of Alcohol abuse and alcoholism). 


I love a good old fashioned, but if I have a few too many, it’s not worth the discomfort or pimples on my face. (This is anecdotal evidence of course. I’m NOT saying ALCOHOL CAUSES ACNE, but this is MY blog and I am sharing MY experience. Just sayin’). 


My Symprove story:


I found some boxes of Symprove at whole foods in piccadilly about a year ago when I was fed up of dealing with digestive and skin issues that weren’t going away. I was already taking freeze dried probiotics at the time but they didn’t seem to provide much help. 


I was drawn to Symprove initially for three main reasons;

It was water-based - which meant that it wouldn’t trigger digestion, which is what often can kill off the good bacteria upon taking it.

It was a 12 week programme - I loved the idea of committing to my own health through a programme - rather than just sporadically implementing a couple of probiotic pills if and when I remembered (not even knowing if they were actually working either). 

It was recommended to me by trusted professionals: I had on separate, unrelated accounts been recommended to use Symprove by my Dermatologist and a Nutritionist. It was a product they recommended to their patients.


I began drinking it according to the suggested instructions;

I would wake up, have a shot (it came with a measuring cup, but Shot sounds way more fun) meditate for 20 minutes (while it worked it’s magic) then continue on with hydration and caffeination. 

I did this for 12 weeks and within 4 weeks I had already began to notice a difference to post meal bloating (I wasn’t getting it - unless I had overeaten). Usually I found that any meal no matter the size would cause gut irritation.

I’m going to interrupt this blog with a reminder that all of what I am saying is ANECDOTAL which is not necessarily reliable because it’s based on my personal account and experience. I’m flagging that because SO MUCH advertising in the health and wellness industry is based on this anecdotal evidence and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing it’s really important that we are not swayed by this evidence only. 

Thankfully, Symprove don’t rely purely on anecdotal evidence to support their product.

I thoroughly advise that you go onto their website - there’s a lot of information to digest (excuse the pun), however if you are anything like me, you’ll want to be thoroughly educated on the product before investing into it. 

If you then find that you DO like it they have Kindly shared a discount code with me (y’all know how much I hate discount codes and the #influencerlyfe HOWEVER - this is both a GREAT product and a GREAT deal)

Use this link and the code below



This code gives 25% off a four pack order, can be used online and on the phone – the code runs until Jan (and can only be used once).

I know there are a lot of Symprove users out there in the Vertue Crew - what has your experience been with it so far?

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