Vegetable Wrap



Vegetables taste better in wraps.

Not many people know this but the final law of physics, after the Wiedemann-Franz Law, is the Wrap Law: ‘Vegetables taste better in wraps’. So if you’re struggling to hit your veggie quota (10 servings per day) then throw a bunch into a wrap.

@moodleymanor mince (100g) Heated in a pan with a little bit of oil.
Outrageous amount of sliced cherry tomatoes
Baby Spinach
Feta Cheese
Wrapped in a whole meal chapatti (this is store bought, but my Mumma has the best recipe and I'm trying to convince her to let me share it).

What's your favourite way to consume veggies? Are you a Gangster Wrap-per like me? (I mean I know, even I totally cringed at that - I'm sorry, but also not sorry, it's so bad that it is comical, but not really at all).


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