Green Smoothie Bowl


It's Green and Gooey

but is by far, the best smoothie.

THE BEST GREEN SMOOTHIE BOWL YOU’VE EVER HAD IN YOUR LIFE. | I might have embellished a little on the title but it could be true.

Anyway, it when down a treat today and I was excited (borderline frenzied) about sharing it with you. 
It’s a green protein smoothie bowl and I think you’ll love it. My body certainly did - particularly because I’ve not been able to consume huge meals with the flu so I’ve kept it to small, nutrient dense, easily digestible meals like soups, broths and smoothies;


2 x scoops vegan protein powder
3-4 man-handfuls baby’s spinach
1 x cup @plenishcleanse milk
1 x avocado
1 x steamed then frozen courgette (yeah I’ve just learned this trick and I LOVE it)
1 x banana

1 x sprinkle bee pollen
1 x sprinkle desiccated coconut
1 x @mindfulbitesuk Cashew nut and baobab butter stuff that is so yummy I just want to rub it all over my body and dance ceremoniously to the mindfulbites gods and goddesses - because that’s obviously where it comes from - nut butter heaven.

Blend up the smoothie ingredients and then top with the listed toppings - not much else to say really - just close your eyes and enjoy every sip/bite/slurp.