Meet me in the meeting room, lock the door

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Yoga in

The Office

Stressed at work?

I feel like that pre-christmas rush is pretty intense. Between finalising deadlines, navigating small talk at christmas parties, nursing hangovers and buying presents for the second cousins who just won’t stop having kids, increasing the amount of presents you have to buy every year (maybe just me then), this time of year is extra stressful.

And yet, we still have to go to work (well most of us).

I created this video a while back and have decided to bring it back to the front of my page because it was designed specifically for those of you who were stressed but also extremely busy, without the luxury of being able to go to a yoga class.

Here’s what we’re going to do;

  1. Sneak off into a meeting room, lock the door behind you.

  2. Press play and get your yoga on with me.

This can be completed in even the most restrictive attire, so now there is no excuse to skip your yoga practice.

There is a big emphasis on the neglected areas such as the side and front of the body, which when alleviated, can help to ease back pain and stiffness. This sequence will help you to unravel both physically and mentally so that you can continue to tackle a hectic day at work. As aways, be careful not to push through pain and if you're injured make sure you check with your physician before taking on this sequence.

I hope it helps.