Easy, Stress Free (Dry Fried) Tofu recipe


This recipe is famous 

Because it has changed the tofu game for so many people.

MY STRESS-FREE, NO OIL, FAVOURITE WAY TO COOK TOFU | You don't need to drain your TOFU with books and paper towels - follow this recipe and you'll be a tofu queen / king in NO TIME. It's high protein and it's AMAZING.

STEP 1- Heat a non-stick fry pan on medium heat. Remove tofu from wet packet and slice that baby up straight away.
STEP 2- Carefully place sliced tofu steaks onto the pan and DON'T TOUCH IT for 3-5 minutes. Seriously give it a chance to cook.
STEP 3- When it's brown on one side flip it and cook for another 2 mins (it will pop and dance for you, don't freak out).
STEP 4- Add your sauce baby. For ease I'll use a store bought sauce like; the Jack Daniel's bbq sauce or if I have a little more time; The marinade/sauce* listed below, freshly made - whatever floats that tofu boat of yours. Pour roughly 2 tbs of your sauce on the tofu and mix. Make sure you evenly coat that tofu.
STEP 5- Remove from the pan and sneak it into some carnivores lunchbox or wrap and watch them LOVE IT and then be all like; WHA?!?! THAT WAS TOFU? DUDE NO WAY?!?! I THOUGHT THAT SHIT WAS SQUIDGY AND GROSS... THIS IS DELICIOUS. Etc etc.
It's honestly one of my favourite foods now. Not just vegan foods, but foods I general.
Happy tofuing 😎

Sauce-y Baby - This recipe above was made with a sauce mix of: 

2 tbs teaspoon soy

1 tbs honey

1 tsp crushed ginger

1 tsp sesame seeds