Jackson Pollock Oats



Pollock made oats, he would make them like this.

OATS (along with the water to cook it with)
Cup frozen blueberries
Unflavoured Vegan Protein
Vanilla Powder
Bee Pollen
Desiccated Coconut
Crushed Cashews
Brazil Nut Butter (from @mindfulbitesukThose sachets are so handy)


1. Cook your oats as per the instructions or according to how watery you prefer it to be. Personally, I like this ratio: 1 cup oats to 2.5 cups of water. I cook it for 5 minutes, then allow it to sit and thicken for another 5. You don't have to do this, but I am fussy with my oat consistency. I don't want know phlegmy oats.

2. Stir in the protein, vanilla powder, honey and crushed cashews.

3. Top with the remaining ingredients with a sense of frivolity and artistic free will.