Vertuous Vacations: La Zebra, Tulum Mexico


Tulum, Mexico

Vertueous Vacations

I feel very (hashtag) blessed to have a job that has me to travelling to various exotic locations across the globe. Whether it's teaching the Vertue Method or filming it, I find myself in some pretty cool (and not so cool on occasion) hotels. I'm no travel journalist, and I am ashamed to admit that I rarely write reviews on TripAdvisor (lousy samaritan, I know). However, with the ever-increasing amount of travel that I am now doing, I thought that I might as well provide some first-hand insight of the hotels that I stay in with a series on my blog called VERTUEOUS VACATIONS.

First up is Mexico as it was the most recent of my overseas trips. The first hotel in Tulum that I stayed in was La Zebra, and I've included a little review along with some pictures. What you'll notice about all the reviews that I do is that I put a lot of emphasis on your ability to remain active - in other words, I love to stay in hotels that allow me to maintain my training in some way, shape or form. 


La Zebra (a part of the Small Luxury Hotels group), situated in the heart of Tulum's hotel zone is one of the most relaxing hotels that I've ever been to.

When I say 'relaxing', I don't mean 'Zen', I mean more like 'Chill'. 

It is located right on the beach front, boasting the most incredible views and sounds of the sparkling Caribbean sea.

The scent of nachos and piña coladas (the best in Tulum in my humble opinion) were never far away, tempting you to consume more beans than your partner would probably appreciate but yolo*. 

Mexican food is very balanced regarding its macronutrients and going plant-based is not difficult as many of their meals contain beans and rice which, as you might know, if you have my book, creates a complete protein (all essential amino acids). 



I always feel like breakfast is a good test of a hotels food, if they can't make a good breakfast, you know the rest of the meals are also going to be average AF. Well, never fear. The breakfast at La Zebra is not only delicious, nutritious and of really generous portion size - the menu itself is extensive. I didn't have enough time to try everything on the menu, but the Fluffy Pancakes, Granola and Aztec Omellete were my go-to's (but it honestly all looked incredible).

Rooms and Relaxation:
The large beds are more than comfortable, and each room has it's own spa bath to be used either for rapid cooling off as a plunge pool or at night, a place to stay warm as you gaze up at the stars.

La Zebra also prides itself on its support of the local community, keeping organic and locally produced (delicious) amenities in the bathroom, including homemade toothpaste and bamboo toothbrushes (I took one home as a keepsake because they are awesome). 

The room to book is the  Beach Front Penthouse. It's the one I stayed in and it by far contains the most incredible views. I practised yoga every morning on the terrace which also had enough room for TRX workouts.

Beachfront Penthouse: Their photo not mine, but I can vouch for the fact that this was what it looked like. No trickery here.

Beachfront Penthouse: Their photo not mine, but I can vouch for the fact that this was what it looked like. No trickery here.


Cultural Programme: 

There is a weekly schedule of events that you can attend from Salsa nights to Mexican cooking lessons. I sadly didn't participate in any of them (insert facepalm emoji), but I was too busy filming and editing fitness and yoga videos (lol, such is the life of a youtuber - well, this one anyway). 

Sweat Factor:
Aside from working out on the beach, this hotel does not contain a gym - but that's OK because as I mentioned above, I had plenty of room for my TRX workouts on the balcony (just make sure you bring it with you). 

I also did yoga every morning from my fantastic balcony, check out this video to see the view and to practice along with me.

To book or read more about the hotel check out:

*Millenial anagram for 'You only live once'. It's probably really uncool to use now.